General renewal and
modernization of casting

machines for gravity,
tiltable and low pressure casting

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Design – machine frame
  • Machine frame repairs (various cracks and unevenness)
  • Remakes and upgrades
  • Change of bearings
  • Sandblasting and paintinge

Hydraulic equipment

  • Hydraulic equipment can be modernized in order to improve the reliability and to lengthen the life time
  • Repair and modernization of the hydraulic aggregate (pump, pump control, filter in the return line and the secondary circuit, temperature and fluid level control)
  • Cylinder repair (seal, piston rod, cylinder tube)
  • Replacement or the repair of the steel installation
  • Replacement of the flexible tubes
  • Installation of thermal protection on the exposed flexible tube
Electric equipment and steering
  • Modernization of the electrical equipment
  • Control system modernization or replacement
  • Modernization of the sensor system and safety elements
  • Improvement of modification of the software according to customer specifications

Gas equipment

  • Renovation and modernization of the gas equipment for moulds
  • Renovation and modernization of the existing installation from the connection to the gas circuit to the burners on the machine

Cooling cabinets

  • Manufacturing of cooling circles for air mould cooling to customer requirements
  • Control of the cooling time and the air flow through software

Casting machine protection fence

  • Manufacturing of the casting machine protecting fence according to existing guidelines
  • When casting with robots there will be automatic doors installed

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